User Interface

The OT Black Box® User Interface is installed on a touch workstation in the Operating Theatre, to be used by OT staff to check if the system is running, insert patient and procedure information, start/stop the registration, and activate the iVision Applications.

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User Interface Services

The main interface shows which Services are installed for a specific OT Black Box® set-up.

The first lines are the essential services of the Black Box System.

The following ones are fully customizable depending on the needs of the hospital. They include video sources and other types of external inputs.


Users have a constant feedback about the status of the relative Service (top) or iVision Application (bottom) and they can check if any errors occur.

iVision Applications

Artificial Intelligence based Applications developed to help prevent adverse events during surgeries.

  • Blood Saturation Monitoring: an alarm is triggered if the SpO2 level decreases under a specified threshold value for a defined amount of time;
  • Mask Detection Application: triggers an alert if someone walks through the OT doorframe without a face mask;
  • Body site detection: compares the identified laterality of the patient being prepared for the surgery with the laterality of the procedure, an alarm is triggered in case of mismatch.

Pre-Operation Buttons

Used to insert all necessary information about patient and procedure. They turn green when info has been saved.
In particular:

  • Hospital and Patient information
  • Diagnosis and Procedure information
  • Life Saving Drugs and Materials in the OT
  • Staff information
  • Materials Balance - MMS system

Surgical Safety Checklist

These buttons control the three phases of the Surgical Safety Checklist, as suggested by WHO. As each hospital has its own implementation of the Checklist, this can be modified during the configuration phase.

  • Sign-In - Before induction of anaesthesia
  • Time-Out - Before skin incision
  • Sign-Out - Before patient leaves the operating room

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