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How to respond to WHO objectives to increase Safety in Operating Theatres: using neural networks to intercept adverse events

Prevent hospital acquired infections (HAI)

Reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections through the detection of staff not wearing a surgical masks

Surgical Mask Detection

Surgical Mask
MSD System

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Operate on the correct patient at the correct site

The misidentification of patients or surgical site is an infrequent adverse event, but, when it occurs, it can result in serious consequences to the patient

Body Site Detection

Body Site
BSD System

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Prepare and position the patient correctly

Improper preparation and / or incorrect positioning of the patient may cause serious consequences to patients

Patient Positioning

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Prevent harm from anesthesia ensuring vital functions

A preventable adverse event during the anesthetic procedures, like the disconnection of the ventilator from the patient, can have catastrophic consequences for the patient, such as death or brain damage. Prevention of adverse events correlated to anesthesia is implemented ensuring proper monitoring of vital functions

Blood Saturation Monitoring

Blood Saturation
BSM System

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Prevent retention of foreign material in surgical wounds

Retention of foreign material into the surgical site can cause serious harm to patients, such as infections, re-operation for removal, bowel perforation, fistula or obstruction and even death

Material Monitoring Service

Material Monitoring
MMS System
OT Smart Box®

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