About B.T.C. Srl


Biomedical Technology Consulting S.r.l. provides consulting and design services to public and private healthcare structures, with a special emphasis on areas containing high-level technology: radiology, radiotherapy, analytical laboratories, operating rooms, intensive care, dialysis, level III & level IV safety laboratories, and i.v. rooms.

R&D Projects

BTC Srl is involved in many R&D projects concerning medical technology, e.g. development of a system for automatic pressure regulation in endotracheal cuffs; development of a robot for compounding of intravenous drugs; development of a designing tool for hospitals and research centers in a virtual reality environment, and, last but not least, development of an Artificial Intelligence platform to intercept adverse events in operating rooms.


Our portfolio covers the entire process related to the functional planning and the activation of the various diagnostic and therapeutic services: from the optimization of the layout and workflow, the identification of the required equipment (devices, technical fitments, IT systems), the analytical quantification of the facility requirements, the determination of technical characteristics regarding the equipment, the requirements regarding the integration with the HIS, to the purchasing and acceptance process.


Our activities are conducted by a group of professionals with more than twenty-five years of experience in the biomedical sector, focused mainly on the definition and management of all aspects regarding planning, realization, and implementation of highly complex healthcare.

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