Overall OT Black Box® Functionalities

Acquisition of patient demographic information and surgery type information (ICM9-CM) or through a HL7 connection with the Hospital Information System or through a manual input mask

Video streaming and recording from environmental cameras

Video streaming and recording from camera located in the surgical lamp

Video streaming and recording from endoscopic (laparoscopic) camera

Acquisition and recording of physiological patient data (source: patient monitor)

Acquisition and recording of environmental and infrastructural parameters:

  • Atmosphere parameters like room temperature, humidity, air quality (CO2), air differential pressure values
  • Status of the room lighting
  • Alarm signals like electric alarms, alarms on gas ducts, alarms from the air conditioning system
  • Information if laser application alarm and/or CX-Ray alarm are activated

Preliminary check on the availability inside the operating theater of all live saving drugs, devices and materials

Implementation of the World Health Organization’s Surgical Safety Checklist (Sign-In, Time-Out, Sign-Out)

Automatic counting of used materials during surgery (syringes, needles, blades, swaps, gauzes)

Automatic interception of potential danger situations (Artificial Intelligence platform)

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