Dossier Viewer

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Encrypted and accessible only through credentials and password, in the Dossier the procedure can be followed through the timeline, including video signals (up to 8, plus Patient Monitor), Procedure info, Checklist, Materials balance and the log of events – such as activation of iVision applications or alarms.  

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Procedure information

This window contains all of the essential procedure information such as: name, sex and age of patient, surgery type, diagnosis, procedure, laterality, ASA classification and informed consent.


The answers to the Surgical Safety Checklist are visible in a compact, one page report.


The Log is a list events occurring during the procedure, with the time, relative to the timeline, of the event.

Possible events include:

  • activation/deactivation of iVision applications
  • use of materials monitoring service
  • activation of alarms and confirmation messages

Material Monitoring Service

For each material.

Top right: Balance between material taken into the OT before the start of the surgery and the material that has been counted up to that moment, adding the used and the unused material.

Bar: on the left, counted used material, on the right, counted unused material.

E.g. Patties:
1 (used) + 3 (unused) = 4 (calculated) / 5 (new).


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